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Have I really not written in here since early April? - Adventures in Brokeville
Have I really not written in here since early April?
Yikes! That's quite a bit of neglect.

So here are a few things that have been going on...

+ Had the Jeopardy audition earlier this month. I passed the 2nd test so I could get a call in the next 18 months. Didn't do as well on the mock game as I wanted, though...most of the categories during the time I was playing were, shall we say, not my strengths, though I did do better at the end. Cross your fingers for me!

+ Moving into the new house in a week! It is odd to think this is my last official week as a Bolingbrook resident. Of course I am nowhere near packed...where is the Magical Packing Fairy to do it all for me? ; ) I've changed my address with the post office and with magazines but I still have to do it for my driver's license and reregister to vote at the new address. I can't believe how much work goes into a move - even one just a short distance away!

+ Friday marked the one year anniversary of the day David and I met in person. : )

+ I signed up for a second session of Pilates at work and have been keeping up with it. I noticed that I have been able to balance much better than when I first started - not that this translates into "well." ; ) But at least I can hold some of the positions for a few seconds now!

- I have been so tired lately. All the abrupt weather changes are not helping, nor is Barney's sudden desire to be an early riser. (He's decided that 4:30-5am is a GREAT TIME to wake up and go out.)

- Did I mention the weather here has been awful? It's been raining like crazy this month. Up until this week it's been chilly more often than not, too. This year has just been brutal for weather!

- And I need sleep.

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