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The best laid plans... - Adventures in Brokeville
The best laid plans...
I had a full day of plans for Sunday - none of which included getting violently ill with food poisoning. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. I spent much of the morning throwing up in the bathroom and most of the rest of the day either flat on my back in bed or on the couch. I'm not sure what caused it - I think it was from something I had for dinner (I just ate some things around the house) - not the lunch at Lawry's. (David and I ate exactly the same thing for lunch and he was fine) I felt a lot better on Monday, but since I was still feeling very weak (the sum total of what I was able to keep down on Sunday was two cups of Jell-O and half a bottle of Gatorade), I took the day off work to recover. It was definitely a good move, as I really needed the extra time, but I had a giant pile of things to do when I got to work this morning. (I am surprised I was able to catch up as much as I did!)

I will say that David was a true mensch while I was sick - he went out to get me Jell-O and other things I asked for, took care of Linus, and brushed off my car so I didn't have to worry about it. Of course, it's not like he isn't a mensch in general. : )

Off to bed.

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