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Well, hello there... - Adventures in Brokeville
Well, hello there...
It's been almost a year since I've updated. Really, I meant to do it more often...

Here's the nutshell version of my life these days:

-Relationship: Still very happily with David. Not engaged or married yet, but eventually. No huge rush. : )

-Pets: We said a sad goodbye to our Nana kitty in May. She was 18. Our household just didn't feel complete without another kitty, so in August we adopted our wonderful Chaplin from A.D.O.P.T. in Naperville. We'd actually gone there with a couple other cats in mind, but about halfway through our visit to the cat room, Chaplin chose us - he climbed into David's lap and made it clear he wanted to stay. (He hadn't even been on our radar before we got there!) We brought Linus over there a few days later to test the two of them together, it worked out, and Chaplin came home. : ) He is completely not fazed by Linus's wackiness - in fact, the two of them have become best friends and partners in crime - and they love to snuggle together:
2014-01-18 20.58.38

Work - Still at API. I got two raises last year. (a foreign concept at my previous employer!) There have been a lot of changes, and I've gotten so much busier, but I enjoy it. (Busy is a good thing)

Other items of interest: I auditioned for Jeopardy! last spring in NYC. I think it went well, but we'll see if the third time is the charm for making it on the show! (They have until November to call me) The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, which made me very happy. : ) I turned 40 this past October. I'll be going back to New York for a long weekend in April and heading to Arizona for spring training in March. David and I will be doing the Social Media Preview at the auto show this Friday. (This will be our third time doing it - it's free, there are no crowds, and there's free food. Definitely the way to go!)

That's been the past year in a nutshell...
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