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Let's play catchup! - Adventures in Brokeville
Let's play catchup!
I really need to start updating this more often! Here's what's been going on...

My 35th birthday came and went a week ago. (Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! : )) It was a good one. I took the day off work and David and I went to lunch at Fogo de Chao in the city. I'd been wanting to try it for a long time and I was definitely not disappointed. I'm glad I didn't eat anything before lunch, though, since there was so much food. For a steak lover like me, it was heaven. Everything was delicious and I even got a free piece of triple chocolate mousse cake for dessert. (Big enough for both of us to share!) After lunch we wandered around State Street for a little while, then headed to the Bulls-Bucks game. We got there early enough that we got to be honorary captains that night! (It's something that season-ticket holders get to do. There are 2 honorary captains per game and it's basically first-come first-serve.) We got to stand on the United Center floor to watch pregame warmups, got introduced on the PA system and shown on the Jumbotron, and went to center court for the captains' meeting and got shirts autographed by that night's captains (Drew Gooden and Derrick Rose that night) It was a blast! I also got a great picture of the two of us on the UC floor:

Work has been super crazily busy the last few weeks. It's fourth quarter and since the account I work on is a retailer, you can imagine how much they have going on in November and December! At least I am used to the fast pace since I've worked at daily newspapers and know how crazy that can get. (When I was at Copley, it was pretty much understood that no one made after-work plans for early Friday evening since we never knew how late we'd be there to finish our ads for Sunday's paper. It was very rare to leave before 6pm on a Friday!) We did have lots of Halloween festivities today. There were team decorating and costume contests - a group of us in my department dressed as zombie golfers and decorated our area to be a zombie mini golf course. Other groups decorated their areas as the Land of Oz, a Mother Goose storybook, Paris, Smurf Village, Heaven on Earth, Hell featuring the Seven Deadly Sins, a 1950s diner, a jail, a tailgate party, a casino, a mall, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a nude beach (complete with wading pool full of naked Barbie dolls - the people in that area wore "Nudists on Strike" T-shirts). I was amazed at how elaborate some of the decorations were! We also had lots of Halloween goodies - tons of cupcakes and cookies and other baked goods, including the largest pumpkin pie I have ever seen - and several people brought their little kids in to trick-or-treat through the office. (Had I known that was going to happen I'd have brought an extra bag of candy to work today! I did end up giving some kids candy from my secret stash) It was lots of fun.

I've gotten back in touch with an amazing amount of people from my past this year, thanks to the magic of Facebook. Just in the past month or so I've been able to reconnect with my childhood best friend, two of my good friends from my dorm floor freshman year at IU, a few Quartz/Isca people, and several fellow ASME alumni from 1994, all but two of whom I hadn't spoken to since we all left NYC. It's so cool to catch up with everyone after all this time. : )

I've signed up for NaNo again this year - not that I am especially prepared. I still have yet to win, but I get closer every year. This could be the year I actually do it. (Of course, I said the same thing about the Cubs and look what happened!)

Oh, there's more - but some of it is embargoed til tomorrow. ; )

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eternitat From: eternitat Date: November 1st, 2008 11:46 am (UTC) (Link)
Sounds like things are going great for you! And that chocolate mousse cake sounds delicious.
new_world_smurf From: new_world_smurf Date: November 1st, 2008 11:52 am (UTC) (Link)
Brazilian steakhouses for the win! I had high hopes for the one we went to on my birthday (we went an independent one in Vancouver and it was heaven) but it was awful and it had nothing to do with me being sick that day. We have Texas de Brazil here in Richmond but it's expensive--maybe Valentine's Day. But I'm glad you had a good birthday and the BF is looking spiffy. :D
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