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Is winter over yet? - Adventures in Brokeville
Is winter over yet?
Monday: Went to leave for work and found out my car doors were frozen shut! Luckily the SUV's doors were not frozen, so I was able to take that, but it took quite some time to get all the ice off and defrost it. I ended up getting to work at 9:30. Luckily my supervisor was cool about it - I took a half hour lunch that day, stayed til 5:30, and stayed until 12:30 today instead of leaving at 12, so the time's been made up. Still, though, I hate being THAT late.

Today: Snow, snow, snow! It started just after lunchtime. Luckily I had taken a half day today (my intention was to go to the APO Anniversary dinner in the city!) so I got home just as it was starting to get bad. Our office ended up closing at 3pm but the roads were just a complete nightmare. David had a six hour trip home from work! Needless to say, I didn't make it into the city. I did take Barney for a walk in the snow and he had a good time.

I am so not looking forward to digging my car out tomorrow. Maybe we'll have a snow day - we'll see. At least the major stuff is done at work. Thursday will be our group's white elephant gift exchange and Friday will be our holiday party (we are going to be closed in the afternoon for the party!), so that will be fun. Then I will work Monday and Tuesday and that's going to be it until January 5. : )

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